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Come out and meet Cobalt's Blue Zinnia! 

Zinny is almost 2 years old, from our Fashion litter.  She is housebroke, Crate trained and a really good dog. She has a fair amount of herding drive and does well in the car etc. Zinny loves Kids, water, ball and being a part of the family. She has basic obedience training and is a great house dog and knows how to use a doggy door. Zinny is a real sweetheart, She is the perfect girl for someone ready to have a dog but not wanting a tiny puppy that needs a lot of direction. She is very loyal and well traveled,   

  I am looking to place Zinny in a home with NO other dogs or cats. She is fabulous with people and currently lives with other animals (dogs, cats, ducks, chickens) but only meshes well with some of them. She definitely likes to stare and puts other dogs and cats on the defensive. She isn't a good candidate for a person that enjoys dog parks. She will try and have every dog at the park do her bidding and is bossy and controling with other dogs. I want her to go to a great home that is a good match for her, and do not want it to revolve around if another animal in the home is a good fit. Zinny could easily live with a second dog later on if it came into the house as a puppy. she is intellegent and could be a good partner in sports.

. Zinny Is current on vaccines, and spayed, microchipped and has limited registration with the AKC. She will not develop PRCD or PLL, Zinny has unilateral hearing, but you don't notice now that she is older and adjusted to it. 

For more information or to come meet Zinny, Please call or text me 530-510-1404 or email at