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 "Bumpy" 9 months old, neutered. Housebroke.
 Crate trained. Started obedience.   

Meet Bumpy!
Bumpy is 9 months old, housebroke, neutered, Crate trained and is a pretty good boy. He currently lives with our pack here at Cobalt and has a good start on obedience.
Bumpy was returned to us when the humans he had lived with since 8 weeks old realized they were not the type of people that wanted to make and enforce rules, and only believed in using positive reinforcement for training. They were not really understanding fully PRT, or realizing without without corrections of any sort that they were leaving Bumpy confused why they would be frustrated when he did certain things, mostly because they still have him cookies after.
He mistakenly learned that cars should be barked at and lunged at, dogs or cats that were anywhere near should be barked at ( his owners were really tense when they approached so the must be scary!) and in general that there was no consequence for his actions, only mad moody people and lots of dog treats!

Since Bumpy has been back with us we have discovered he is a very happy boy, loving and smart and once we explained to him that some of his behaviors were simply unacceptable and made it clear what we expected of him, he has been a joy, a quick study, and ultimately a pretty good dog. He likes to follow a strong leader, and be given clear information about what is expected of him, because he craves affection and wants to earn it. He no longer barks or lunges at cars or passing dogs and likes to play with like-minded dogs that are introduced properly. 

Bumpy has a medium amount of drive and loves to be right with his humans. He is trustworthy in the house and even loose at night. He will cuddle on the bed if you let him. He works through all training with a standard lead and slip chain, and works for praise and affection. I would hold him back to show accept he has a precarious ear that likes to flop. Sometimes it stands, but all of the measures we can take to help it stand seemed to just frustrate him, so why put him through it, he just wants to be loved the way it is. He has limited AKC registration and all health records.

He is ready for his new home. He also comes to the name Loki, but he will always be Bumpy to us. He was born 12/18/2020 and is from our dogs Jack and Salty. A few of the pictures are with his full siblings.
Bumpy is looking for a home with cattle dog experience (for his benefit) and could live with other dogs. He currently lives with cats, chickens and ducks, It doesn’t bother anybody as long as they’re not running, as expected for his age. He is good around older kids, but has little experience with the 6 and under. 
He has the potential to be a phenomenal obedience/rally/agility/dock diving dog and stands 19" at the shoulder.

If you are looking for a young dog to follow your lead and think he may be a good fit,  email at

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