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Meet Rusty! Rusty is an 8 year old neutered, dock-tailed, house pet that seriously loves to play ball. Rusty was owner surrendered to us. He was owned by the same family from the time he was 8 weeks old. His family had a adult son with special needs and his new need for full time in home nursing care left Rusty locked in the yard, separating him from his humans and leading to separation anxiety, Unfortunately the constant change over of nurses was hard on Rusty and he was starting to feel protective of his special needs companion, leaving the family no choice but to keep him crated or in the yard full time as everyone in the house has a regular work schedule. A friend of our asked us to help.
Rusty is currently living with us and is looking for a home where he can live out the second half of his life as a house dog in a stable environment. Rusty is surprisingly good with strangers when introduced properly and is good with kids that are dog savvy. He is current on vaccines, I have all of his health records and he gets along with my other dogs, I think he could live happily with a female of any age energy level or calm neutered dog that would not compete for his ball.
Please DM me for more info or to meet Rusty.

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