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Courtesy Listing for a fellow ACD Enthusiast - Photo's below. 

Payton is a 2 yr old spayed female. Current on all vaccines, microchipped, and has consistently been on flea/tick/heartworm preventative. She is house trained, excellent in a crate, not a barker and extremely food motivated. She is a great traveling companion, can be verbally controlled in most situations and walks nicely on leash. She does jump when off leash and can be playfully mouthy when very excited but has never nipped heels. She loves to swim and retrieves both on land and in the water. She does not chew/destroy things (when given appropriate things to chew) and doesnt shred her toys. She has not been allowed on furniture or human beds. We are searching for a more suitable cattle dog savvy home with a confident pack leader that has no children or small animals. Payton has been raised with dog savvy cats but exhibits a high prey drive instinct and will chase anything that moves and resource guards food and toys. She would be best in an only dog household or with a submissive large male dog. She routinely tests her boundaries with others and will often push them to react and wont back down from a scuffle. She would thrive in a non chaotic and routine environment as she easily gets over stimulated and has difficulty settling. Payton wants to be your shadow, needs consistent boundaries and structure as well as mental work to challenge her brain. She can never get enough human attention and is constantly rallying to be the top dog so she will need everyone to show her that they are above her. Payton is a sensitive girl who doesnt like to make mistakes yet cant seem to resist always trying to be in control. She shows a strong preference towards men although has been raised by a woman. She had bilateral luxating patella surgery in Jan 2017 so her body doesnt quite keep up with what her mind wants to do, which is go all day long. She will be sore and sometimes lame in the rear end after prolonged repetitive exercise but wont stop unless she is made to. Routine chiropratic adjustments do help her greatly. She would make an ideal barn hunt and/or nose work dog and may do well with rally obedience. The other dog sports will likely be more then her legs can handle. She has pet insurance that is transferrable to her new owner which i recommend keeping current as it would cover future issues with her knees. Payton is located in northern California and we are asking a rehoming fee of $500. She is a good dog who could be a great dog in the right situation.  

if you are interested in Peyton please email Meagan at [email protected]

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