Cobalt Kennels

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Welcome to
Cobalt Kennels 


Home to incredible, loyal and highly intelligent

Australian Cattle Dogs!

Check out our Whelping Box, we have announced our litter plans for 2015

  We Strive to have dogs with excellent temperament, conformation, socialization, drive and train-ability.

Our dogs are family members and are great with children.


We are active members of the Australian Cattle Dog Club Of America

and are registered as Code Of Ethics Breeders with the club.


We produce dogs that compete in both performance and conformation,

and make wonderful family members.


All of our dogs and their offspring are AKC registered.

Cobalt Kennels is Located in the San Francisco Bay area

We believe that if you bring a dog into this world by choice, as a breeder you are committed for life. If at any time you cannot keep a Cobalt dog we will take it back -no questions asked, and find a suitable home. In addition we watch out for those that aren't ours and have rescues and courtesy listings from time to times for both ACD's and GWP's. If you know someone looking for an adult dog or older puppy, peek in once in while to our AVAILABLE DOGS page to see what's available locally!

For inquiries, please call (530) 510 -1404

or email 



Litter Announcements

One Red Male puppy available form
Cobalt's Not My Monkey Not My Zoo
"Grissom" and "Vixen
Cobalt's Red Velvet Vixen
ready april 18th 2015

Inquiries welcome